The Wonder Of Jesus

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Seven billion people will take their next breath because, and only because, he gives it to them Acts Sometimes we yawn because we forget what it means to see at all.

We were born so blind that even the blazing brightness of his glory could not break through 2 Corinthians Satan had boarded up every sliver of every window in our hearts. Our retinas saw everything they see now, and yet, nothing.

The incomparable Christ: Exploring the wonders of Jesus

We saw the surface of reality, but missed the source of reality. But then the Author of sight gave us a new prescription and introduced us, for the first time, to true wonder. If light has flooded your heart, God put it there. God ended your aching search for happiness, and mended the shattered pieces of your heart.

A Wonder of a Counselor?

He pulled back the curtains of sin and shame, held up the brilliance of his Son, and sent his Spirit to open your eyes wider and wider to himself. When you open the Bible looking for Jesus, remember that not everyone can see him like you can. If we knew what we have been given, we would not take it for granted — we would not yawn. We would tremble, and rejoice, and gaze at him in his word. When did you see him for the first time? For every follower of Jesus, there was a time when he went from interesting to stunning, from intriguing to mouth-stopping, from inspiring to everything — from great man to God himself.

When we fed on his word those first few weeks, we ate like we had never had a real meal. When we drank the living water from his well, we barely stopped to breathe.

Have You Ever Wondered...

Like the man who sold all he had, we had found our pearl of great price, our treasure beyond compare. How extravagant could he possibly look if we only ever give him a few minutes here and there?

A thousand other things eat away at the precious minutes we used to spend at his feet. If Satan cannot keep us from seeing the light of Christ, he will do everything he can to direct our attention elsewhere — to fix our eyes on anything but Jesus. If we want to see the wonders in him, if we want him to take our breath away again, we will have to keep Satan and everyone and everything else at bay long enough each day to see.

The Wonder of Glory

Give your life to gazing at Jesus in his word, and you will not be bored — and you will not see all of him. Cain shares: "We knew we wanted to write a Christmas song that really emphasized the incredible miracle of Jesus's birth.

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I am excited for nations to rejoice because of the Wonder of Wonders! Co-writer of the best-selling catalog rock song in iTunes ' history "Don't Stop Believin'" , as well as writer of "Faithfully" and co-writer of "Who's Crying Now" , "Open Arms" and many more international hit songs, this iconic artist continues to press into his faith with inspired new music.

4th Advent—wonder, Rediscovery of Jesus as marginal and weak | Geez Magazine

The new single follows Cain 's first Christmas solo album "Unsung Noel" , which was released amidst wide critical acclaim in , along with three more solo albums in as many years, including his current Billboard -featured "More Like Jesus" that Parade calls a "triumphant new album. Martell Foundation and the Emeril Lagasse Foundation , among others.

Biblical Studies

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The Wonder Of Jesus The Wonder Of Jesus
The Wonder Of Jesus The Wonder Of Jesus
The Wonder Of Jesus The Wonder Of Jesus
The Wonder Of Jesus The Wonder Of Jesus
The Wonder Of Jesus The Wonder Of Jesus
The Wonder Of Jesus The Wonder Of Jesus
The Wonder Of Jesus The Wonder Of Jesus
The Wonder Of Jesus The Wonder Of Jesus
The Wonder Of Jesus

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