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He called a mass rally for the purpose of getting the people to participate in the great undertaking. The people responded enthusiastically, and the contributions flowed in generously. The work of repairing and restoring the Beth Hamikdash swung into stride under the able supervision of the high priest Hilkiah. In the midst of this work, Hilkiah was thrilled to discover an ancient Sefer Torah from the time of Moses. This unique Torah scroll had been kept in the Holy of Holies of the Beit Hamikdash, but in the time of the idol-worshipping kings the upright kohanim removed it from there and hid it in a secret place in the Beit Hamikdash.

For it had once happened that the treacherous King Ahaz had burnt a Sefer Torah. The king told Shafan to read from it. The king was deeply shaken and heartbroken—remembering how his father and grandfather had lived, desecrating the Holy Land with idolatry and evil. He rent his clothes a sign of mourning and repentance , and ordered Hilkiah and four more royal messengers to go to the holy prophets to inquire as to what should be done in view of the divine warning that had just been received. Normally they would have immediately gone to the greatest prophet of that time, Jeremiah, but he was not in Jerusalem.

Therefore My anger shall be kindled against this place, and shall not be quenched. Therefore I will gather you unto your fathers, and you will go to your grave in peace; your eyes shall not see all the misfortune which I will bring upon this place. Under the personal leadership of the king, and with the help of the high priest Hilkiah, the nation began to clean up the land of all idolatry with its abominable customs. A spirit of repentance, holiness and purity filled the entire nation.

Pesach —the Festival of Liberation—was approaching.

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King Josiah resolved to strengthen the feeling of true freedom—freedom from the slavery of the previous generations which were addicted to idol-worship—by an extraordinary national celebration of this great festival. Indeed, such an inspired and joyous Pesach celebration had not taken place since the days of the Prophet Samuel. The prophetess Huldah had an important share in the great spiritual revival of the Jewish people under the reign of King Josiah, through her prophecy and influence.

King Josiah still had another 13 years to live: he reigned for 31 years. But he did not have to witness the destruction of Jerusalem and of the Beit Hamikdash.

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That took place at the end of the eleven-year reign of his son Zedekiah. Nor did the prophetess Huldah have to witness—as did her relative the prophet Jeremiah—the terrible destruction she had foretold. But her prophecy and influence—as one of the seven divine prophetesses that our Jewish nation had—remained an everlasting inheritance of our people.

Torah Scroll The Talmud Yoma 21b, 52b relates that King Josiah realized that the destruction of the First Temple was imminent, and he hid away certain items, including the Holy Ark containing the Tablets, the anointing oil, and a flask containing manna.



See here The original Torah scroll written by Moses was stored in or right near the Ark, and it is very likely that it was hidden away together with the other sacred items. Torah Scroll of the Torah King Josiah read, was it saved or destroyed? Huldah My dad named me after Huldah an not very many people know the name are that the name comes from the Bible even people who say they know the bible. I'm glad to hear she was loving and kind! A weasel knows how to get themselves into harder to reach spots. Chulda the prophetess would approach G-d in many unusual ways on behalf of the Jews.

Hence when they required the mercy of G-d in the times of Isaiah, the king approaches Chulda nad not Yirmiyahu Reply.

Anna the Prophetess

Huldah I would like very much to write a book about this woman and I think soon I will have enough information to reasonably start one. Still stufdying the office of prophetess in 8th century BCE. Thank you so much for sharing with me my passion. Judaica shows the most interesting treatment of women when placed against the background of other religions or nationalities and this fact should be commented on in modern times.

Many Thanks I hope to write a short story using Huldah or a descendent of Huldah as my mouthpiece. Thank you for your information Reply.

Huldah Thank you all so very much. I feel that now I am getting insight and light on the subject I have been meditating on for 5 years. Each word is indeed important beyond this time. RE: Hulda's message, even to us In respect of the careful wording of our sages and prophets, of blessed memory, I would remind that all words chosen with utmost care are to alert you to attention to look closer because their is something important you should seek out to identify and study. I know I would like to thank all of you for your diverse comments, for they have highlighted areas I now feel are areas of study I want and desire deeply to seek of the rich detail that will be opened up when I seek out even the various laws connected to even Hulda's reference to the youthful King, she had reminded he was also a man.


Why did she find that to be so importantly needed that she would have risked disrespect of the very laws that she obviously so deeply cherished; displayed by the very fact that she had attained unto prophesy. Huldah I know of no reference - either in Jewish sources or secular literature - that confirms that Jeremiah went to Assyria.

The Talmud says Josiah CHOSE Huldah as his first choice, because the way prophesy is delivered influences its outcome and Huldah manifested the feminine grace of speaking with kindness, even if the message is dire. Moreover, at the time Hilkiah his father found the "Book" Jeremiah was the junior prophet, having received the call of prophecy not more than six years earlier. It would not have been honorable for the King to have approached him - when Jeremiah's own teacher, who according to the Rambam was Zephaniah, was alive and well. That Huldah was Josiah's first teacher may also explain why he chose her -- with such a troubling message, who better to consult than a "maternal" first teacher?

Alluding to Hulda being second choice is a. RE: Hulda one of the 7 prophetesses The Talmud Megillah 14b explains that this was due to the fact that she did not show proper respect to King Josiah. He is a holy person and disrespecting him is an affront to G-d Himself. She should have referred to him as the king instead of as a man. Hulda one of the 7 prophetesses Thank you so much for a wonderful description but I would still like to know why she was known as "weasel" a derogatory term I would think.

Can you clear that up for me?


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Event Directory. Greeting Cards. Halachic Times. The Prophetess Anna shares fully in this gaze which is born from the depths, yet the author presents her as a very unusual figure: she is a woman prophetess, an elderly widow, the daughter of Phanuel of the tribe of Asher and lives in the Temple of the Holy City. These are not casual references. Gen The tribe of Asher, in turn, evokes a prestigious ancestor, namely the son of the Matriarch Leah cf. What is more surprising is that the author does not make her say anything — unlike Simeon — but simply describes her. What is Luke telling us with this image: was she a widow who made the Temple her home?

We think it is a way of saying that Anna had spent her long life she was 84 years old in prayer and thus in communion with God. The Temple was the centre of her life. This affirmation impresses us even more when we realize that nothing similar was ever said, before or afterwards, of another woman, not even of Mary or of Elizabeth. Both appear in a family environment.

The Prophetess The Prophetess
The Prophetess The Prophetess
The Prophetess The Prophetess
The Prophetess The Prophetess
The Prophetess The Prophetess
The Prophetess The Prophetess

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