The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales)

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Illustrations in black and white and two-tones, pictorial cover and matching dust jacket. Whitman on dj spine. Whitman , most common cover.

Another alternate cover, issued with matching dust jacket. Contents: It's no fun to be a lion; the land of the caterpillars; the spider and the fly; the little duck who was very pleased with himself; the big brown bear; the woodchuck; the tiger; the camel; a hot day; the kangaroo; the skunk and the sea gull; from one to ten; the procupine and the badgers; the elephant buys a horse; day; night; the sick sparrow; I see you, little yellow wasps; the fox, the weasel, and the little chicken; the bear went o-ver the mountain; the little black hen; the cottontail and the jack rabbit; the gray squirrel; the elephant; the bear; the greedy kitten and the wise little birds; the goose and the rabbit; the lion; the duck; the hippopotamu; the pig; the funny little mouse.

Contents include: Wynken, Blynken and Nod; We won't tell; Animal crackers; Christopher Robin is saying his prayers; The wee kitten who sucked her thumb; The Easter rabbit; Jolly jingle of numbers; Nonsense alphabet; Cupboard; Monkey's house; The little boy who was too thin; and 11 more. Nobody, Mr. It would seem that the "Childcraft" series was first published in by W. Quarrie and company, Chicago. The series was taken over by Field Enterprises, Inc.

A Forest World by Felix Salten

The best remembered volume, as least judging by our customer requests, is volume one, which is titled "Book of Verse" in the Quarrie edition and "Poems of Early Chilldhood" in the Field edition. The earlier edition is illustrated mainly in black and white, with some two- and three-tone. The selection of poems is substantially the same, but not entirely, and the poems are ordered differently.

Contents: East of the sun and west of the moon; Blue belt; Prince Lindworm; Lassie and her grandmother; Husband who was to mind the house; Lad who went to the North Wind; Three princesses of Whiteland; Soria Moria Castle; Giant who had no heart in his body; Princess on the glass hill; Widow's son; Three billy goats Gruff; Three princesses in the blue mountain; Cat on the Dovrefell; One's own children are always prettiest. Contents: East of the sun and west of the moon; Three billy-goats Gruff; Husband who was to mind the house; Lad who went to the North Wind; Princess on the glass hill; Giant who had no heart in his body; Blue belt; Three princesses in the blue mountain; Three princesses of Whiteland; Soria Moria Castle; Cat on the Dovrefell; Widow's son.

Contents: East o' the sun and west o' the moon; Three billy-goats Gruff; Three princesses of Whiteland; Doll in the grass; Bruin and Reynard partners; Reynard and the cock; Why the bear is stumpy-tailed; Gudbrand-on-the-hillside; The pancake; Twelve wild ducks; Father Bruin; Lord Peter; Giant who had no heart in his body; Husband who was to mind the house; Taper Tom; Little Freddy and his fiddle; True and untrue; Princess on the glass hill; Peter, Paul and Espen Cinderlad; Princess who could not be silenced; Squire's bride; Sheep and the pig who set up housekeeping; Parson and the sexton; Lad who went to the North Wind; Why the sea is salt.

Compiled by Carol M. Contents: the penny puppy; the pasture; helping Hilda; that rapscallion cat, Sneakers; cherry stones; Loopy; the story of the teasing monkey; guess what's in the grass; the lamby sitter; meow! Scrunch; Nino and his fish; pick me up; my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world; A B C of wheels; the magic whistle; trees; Eddie goes to dancing school; why cowboys sing in Texas; the lucky number; lights; the white horse; Mrs. Moodle and the tea-tray; the bottle that went to sea; Bertram's trip to the moon.

My Bookhouse was originally published in 6 thick volumes bound in black cloth with pictorial paste-ons and gilt lettering. In approx.

The Dog Who Watched TV Creature Teachers early readers Book 4

My Bookhouse was later reprinted in 12 volumes in various colors, the most famous being the "rainbow edition" which begins in a pale green, transitions to dark green, dark blue, and ends in light blue. There were many printings; here are some of the publication years and binding notes, although there may well be others.

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It is very common that volume one is either missing or in tatters. This is because the set is sequential by age, and the babies who drool over the nursery rhymes often destroy the book, while the 10 and 12 year olds who read volume 12 keep the books in much better shape. There is also a Watty Piper anthology with a similar title, but this book is basically an anthology of three other books: Favorite Poems of Childhood. Illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Mother Goose Rhymes. Illustrated by Margot Austin.

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Animal Stories. Illustrated by Wesley Dennis. Contest: How Jack found his fortune; Bob-white and the farmer man; Peter rabbit; How the sea became salt; The cock, the mouse, and the little red hen; The gingerbread man; The old woman and her pig; The straw ox; The seven wonderful cats; The three wishes; The three bears; The pied piper; Little black sambo; The teeny-tiny woman; The three little pigs; Mr. Vinegar; The little red hen; Henny Penny. NY: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard, Contents: Goldilocks and the three bears, the three little pigs, the Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood, the milkmaid and her pail, the ant and the grasshopper, the crow and the pitcher, the boy who cried wolf, the hare and the tortoise, the fox and the grapes, the rabbits and the frogs, belling the cat, the fox and the stork, the wolf and the goat, the lion and the mouse, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Jack and the beanstalk, the fisherman and his wife, Hansel and Gretel, Puss in boots, the sleeping beauty, the Emperor's new clothes, the frog prince, the shoemaker and the elves, Bremen town musicians, the ugly duckling, the princess and the pea, Tom Thumb, Snow White and Rose Red, Thumbelina, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, the brave little tailor, Rapunzel, Beauty and the beast, the pied piper of Hamelin.

All rights reserved. Desperate to find the ring, the hunt leads to Katrinka, who seems to have lost it in a vat of cherry pie filling intended for a John Slade fundraiser. Offering a reward to whoever finds the ring, Katrinka and her colleagues go into a mad dash to find it, eventually escalating into a large-scale pie fight.

The Hound of Florence (Bambi's Classic Animal Tales)

In the pandemonium, the ring once again finds itself in the hands of the local thugs who this time attempt to pass it off to an undercover police detective. Once again in the hands of the museum, the inscription is read aloud as a point of reference; in the middle of the police station, Wilby who had arrived to confirm the ring had been recovered finds himself turning into Elwood once again.

This time, Slade's agent puts two and two together when he overhears the museum's curator explaining the ring's reputed power and how his predecessor from the first film told him a story of a young man that turned into a sheepdog years ago. Slade is informed of this weakness in his rival, is dubious at first, and then invites Wilby to his office to test out the theory. He advises Wilby to withdraw his campaign. Wilby refuses and tells Slade that when he is elected, he will have him investigated regarding his criminal connections. Slade then reveals he has his ring.

With a reading of the inscription, Slade is thrilled to see Wilby Daniels turn into the shaggy dog right before his eyes and makes a call to the local pound. Wilby escapes hearing Slade repeat the inscription several times, which guarantees that the spell will not wear off, and he will be trapped in a dog's form for some time to come.

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Slade ignores warnings that reciting the incantation too often could cause the spell to transfer to him and keeps reciting the incantation over and over. Wilby eventually disguises himself as a female roller-derby competitor to elude Slade, who as district attorney has the entire police force and animal control at his disposal. Eventually, Wilby is caught and taken to the local dog pound where he is able to understand the other dogs, who band together to help him escape. With the help of Brian and Tim who still thinks his dog Elwood can speak until Wilby tells him the truth about what really happened , Wilby gets evidence that John Slade is connected to organized crime.

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Wilby and Tim trick Slade into showing up at Roshak's warehouse, and Wilby uses a tape recorder to collect information that confirms Slade's wrongdoings. With the help of his dog friends from the pound, he also manages to retrieve the ring from John Slade, who unfortunately has read the inscription aloud so many times that the curse has now passed onto him, causing him to transform into a bulldog.

Finally, Wilby gets elected district attorney, Slade is supposedly jailed although it is never actually revealed , and Tim gets engaged to Katrinka. Together, they adopt Wilby's dog friends from the pound. The Shaggy Dog had been at that point the most profitable film produced by Walt Disney Productions and heavily influenced the studio's live-action film production for the next two decades.

Using television actors on their summer hiatus who were familiar to audiences but did not necessarily have enough clout to receive over-the-title billing or a large fee from another major studio was one way these comedies were produced inexpensively; they also tended to use the same sets from the Disney backlot repeatedly. This allowed Walt Disney Productions a low-risk scenario for production; any of these films could easily make back their investment just from moderate matinee attendance in neighborhood theatres, and they could also be packaged on the successful Disney anthology television series The Wonderful World of Disney some of these films were expressly structured for this purpose.

Occasionally, Walt Disney Productions would find one of these inexpensive comedies would become a runaway success and place at or near the top of the box office for their respective release year The Absent-Minded Professor , The Love Bug. The Shaggy Dog also performed very strongly on a re-release. This is the last of 19 films Robert Stevenson directed at Disney that spanned nearly 20 years. His first was Johnny Tremain in He also directed a number of episodes for the series Disneyland. This is also Stevenson's final film. The first film that he directed was Happy Ever After , a German musical.

The mythology of the Borgia ring was changed from the first film, in which young Wilby read the inscription on the ring once and then was the victim of random transformations which could only be stopped if he performed a heroic deed. In this sequel, he simply turned into a dog whenever the ring's inscription was read aloud, and the spell would generally last from five to ten minutes.

In the television movie The Return of the Shaggy Dog , which takes place between the events of the original film and this sequel, the mythology changes once again: now, once the inscription is read, Wilby is trapped in dog form until it is read again. The remake with Tim Allen eschewed the situation and characters of the three initial films and also a television remake which returned the mythology of the original film and opted instead for a science fiction device of a man being bitten by a viral dog that infected him with a serum that affected his DNA.

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Weiler of The New York Times wrote, "Naturally, the story line is incredible and convoluted enough to give an uninhibited cast plenty of opportunities to clown for, unfortunately, a minimum of real laughs Despite all the athletic goings-on, 'The Shaggy D. Don Tait actually has written a cute script that gives adults in the audience a few laughs while watching the inevitable and unending pratfalls designed for the kids. It has all the elements of smooth and sunny comedy thay Disney does best, and it marks a return to top studio craftsmanship after a few uneven pix of late.

The film has been seen as a light satire of American politics in the post- Watergate era, with politicians being depicted as tied to crime, and not being what they appear to be. The original film has been remade twice: first, as a television movie in and as a theatrical feature in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Walt Disney Productions. Dean Jones Wilby Daniels Tim Conway Tim Suzanne Pleshette Betty Daniels Keenan Wynn John Slade Jo Anne Worley Katrinka Muggelberg Dick Van Patten Raymond Shane Sinutko Brian Daniels Vic Tayback Eddie Roshak John Myhers Admiral Brenner Richard Bakalyan Freddie Warren Berlinger Dip John Fiedler Howie Clemmings Hans Conried Professor Whatley Michael McGreevey Sheldon Richard O'Brien Desk sergeant Richard Lane Roller rink announcer Benny Rubin Waiter Ruth Gillette Song chairman Hank Jones

The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales) The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales)
The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales) The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales)
The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales) The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales)
The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales) The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales)
The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales) The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales)
The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales) The Hound of Florence (Bambis Classic Animal Tales)

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