Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs

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Last Name. Like all good teaching pedagogy it is a combination of many different ideas and practices. Pioneered by Daphne Proietto, it draws on the aural fundamentals of the Suzuki method and her studio piano teaching experience to explore and realize the unique skills that a lot of special needs children have.

Daphne started teaching special needs students at her home in the year Word quickly travelled around musical circles that she was producing amazing outcomes for autistic children using her innate knowledge of the skills that some of these children possess i. Her work often concentrates on basic motor skills early on and bringing the child to an awareness of their aural skills. Daphne has extended her work to include children who have many different disabilities. The deep mutual respect she and her students have for one another is testament to her immense success as a teacher and mentor.

Her concerts simply have to be experienced to be understood. They are a great, joyous celebration of humanity. Her students, some of whom have to deal with enormous social and physical issues, come up to the piano, bow to the audience and then proceed to perform with a level of calmness and concentration that leaves the audience gobsmacked.

Daphne has never received any payment for her work and is fast approaching retirement age. The many families she has helped would love to see her work continue and thus Keys of Life was born. Your Name required. Your Message. Please leave this field empty. We'll get in touch with you as soon as we can to follow up, and provide a more detailed appreciation of what can be achieved and how. Your First Name required. Your Last Name required.

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Find Out More. Upcoming Events. This PD will offer all instrumental music teachers practical skills for teaching special-needs children in a one-on-one setting. Daphne sharing her experience.

An Easy Visual Aid For Effective Piano Lessons

The positivity of everyone involved in KOL. Reinforcement of the need to be calm, respectful and sensitive to every student. Watching the students gave me a great sense of joy.

I loved the information on the science of the brain and the wisdom and demeanour of Daphne with students. Having the guidance of how the brain works helped understand the complexity of Autism. Our non-traditional piano curriculum permits engagement at any level. The more individuals engage with the piano, the more benefits are produced, which brings about more engagement. We will customize a program for your special person. Release your child into new heights!

Keys of Life

Private structures. With modern technology we do Face Time lessons, Online lessons or a combination of the two. We will customize a piano-based musical program for your family member with special needs, no matter their age or where they live! Music has been very beneficial for my boys. They use all their senses and it helps in all areas of academics.

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I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your children's music CD's. They are the best ever! And the fact that they are on split track enables the children to sing with them on stage without the voicing. Thank you Perfect Praise! My 9 year old daughter with autism is doing the online Music4Me Lessons.

She gets up every morning saying, "I want music class. She just recently began to march her feet while shaking her eggs. A great feat for her! This program is the best ever! He is thriving at it, learning to play the piano is unlocking so many life skills. My daughter with autism loves the puppets and they keep her attention Online Learning.

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Good job Perfect Praise! My daughter with severe autism did the in-studio private lessons with Mrs. And then due to scheduling difficulties, we changed to the Virtual lessons. She is thriving at the piano. My child loved coming to music class, but we found that he got so much more out of the virtual lessons, as he was in the comfort of our home.

The studio lessons enabled socializing, and the virtual lessons enabled participation. This program worked for us! We live in a country in S. America and my son with autism was able to do these lessons abroad.


What You Need to Know to Teach Piano Students with Special Needs

Nothing like this is available in our area. We are so blessed to have found you! My four-year old was non-verbal until he began this program.

Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs
Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs
Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs
Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs
Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs Teaching Piano to Students With Special Needs

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