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Shaylee Druid's Staff - eBook -

A legend of old whispered about in the deepest forest by curious children, stories forgotten as age and responsibility stole their childhood and left them with a less imaginative reality. Shaylee wanted to reach out and grab her, to feel her and know she was real, but before she could do anything, the creature darted away into the forest and disappeared.

She stared after it with her mouth open, speechless and frozen in place with awe. Amazement rooted her feet to the ground. One of her dearest dreams had come true.

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Finally, the locust roar returned. The distant buzz grew until it sounded like a dozen hummingbirds fighting against the wind. The fairy jerked her head toward the woods and darted away. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Druid's Daughter has 3 ratings and 0 reviews.

Everyone in the village shuns Shaylee, but a mischievous orphan boy stands by her side and. Posted in Writing Tags: My question is if would it be possible to use some of the text wrote above here to include it in my WP post? Donkey Makeover Tracker - Pebbles A May 1, 8 min read.

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See More by bovidaeloony. Himthiki Rukaan Stag Slots.

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Oct 17, My two tame boys have made it to Himthiki so I'm offering up a few of their slots! Available: Exchange for a Gender Determination item or kroner Slot 3. Available: Free to any user with a tame doe who has entered them in at least one show entry must be made by the owner Gulbrand Related to Dainn S. Jan 31, The dps comparison is a bit moot as it's extremely relative to the amount of ArP you're carrying.

Comment by Cerberus First of all, I'm not trying to make any claims that hunters should get this item instead of druids or that hunters benefit more than druids. Druids have a bigger net gain in dps from this weapon. The key point of this discussion is the gain druids have from feral AP and that they have a weapon at that works well for them while hunters don't.

In very simple terms, the gain from this 2H is a lot higher for a hunter than in your typical druid vs hunter situation as hunters have no other viable options from ICC The gain from ArP on additional upgrades becomes that much more powerful to the point where the difference between what a druid and hunter gains becomes negligible druids have a fairly easy time capping ArP even on normal. Comment by Nulgar Druids have a bigger net gain in dps from this weapon.

  • Druid's Daughter.
  • Druid's Daughter (Shaylee, #1) by Bret Jordan!
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  • The other point here is that a hunter might start at gaining half and end up pretty much with the druid. Comment by Rotseh This dropped twice on the same kill yesterday. Comment by Twilightstar If any of you guys hopped over to EJ's pally forum and checked out its ret pally BiS list for 3. For people who don't know much about ret pally dps, we get more physical crit out of agi than everyone except mages. So hunters Had they lower the weapon speed to like 2.

    Comment by Nulgar forgetthesword: I as a feral don't like when rets roll on e. Frostbitten Fur Boots , but I am not mad at all when another melee rolls on this weapon against me, as these at least make use of the weapon DPS as well as gaining from the stats, not very noticably less than I would, especially in comparison to the raw weapon DPS gain and I'd rather give this weapon to a ret or DK than a hunter - like Betrayer back then in 3.

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    It may not be BiS then, but at least better than waiting another 4 weeks for the Str equivalent. Comment by Rilgon On the other hand, both druids and hunters has access to upgrades from fairly easy heroic bosses. Comment by faerogue That's because warriors and rogues don't care as much about their "stat sticks" as hunters do. Sadly hunters don't act the same with druids. Comment by Forfithien In my guild we had the same discussion, it was originally going to Kitties dps first then hunters. All of the hunters agreed and presented this scenario to the guild since we are all ArP Marks.

    The druids were under the impression we wanted either of the other two and would vendor this when we had the chance. Once we explained that this was 3 for us with the only ups being HM Lich 10 or HM Lich 25, the druids agreed to pass on the item. Guess what? One hunter has this, and both druids have Bloodfall and Distant Land, everyone is happy. One hunter has taken H Distant Land as he was not a Rank 1 raider and was still using a 2-hand, of course this was after the ferals had theirs. TLDR: Talk it out with the classes involved and see what x class will likely replace the non-HM Oathbinder with and decide from there what is best for your raids ability to down Hard modes as to who gets priority. Comment by Chaosmancer Perfect stats for a hit-capped feral druid and hunter. The 2 red sockets are just awesome! Comment by PikaPika Crossbow is worse than heroic stakethrower for both fury warriors and combat rogues.

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    Worse than heroic gluth's fetching knife for mut rogues. Isnt that the point of rolling? Comment by LoreKeeperMobius "A quick death, like the one you gave me? No, You're going to suffer as i did. Thanks to my arrow, You can't even run". Comment by GMax This goes perfectly with any of the skull-themed transmog sets from Old Naxx and the Wrath raids, like the Dreadnought sets and the Conqueror's Darkruned set.

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    Shaylee, Druids Staff Shaylee, Druids Staff
    Shaylee, Druids Staff Shaylee, Druids Staff
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    Shaylee, Druids Staff Shaylee, Druids Staff
    Shaylee, Druids Staff Shaylee, Druids Staff
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    Shaylee, Druids Staff Shaylee, Druids Staff
    Shaylee, Druids Staff Shaylee, Druids Staff
    Shaylee, Druids Staff Shaylee, Druids Staff

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