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I know you'll be with me and Mum and Dad always and forever. I love you to the sun and back Mare. Fly high my special angel. Some teardrops never dry. Our love for you will never end.

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Our hearts will always cry. Your loving Papou and Yiayia. Your heart is at peace. Love Nana, Rob and family. To our beautiful Mary, A piece of our heart has gone with you. We will miss your smile, your greeting, your hugs and kisses. You will always be 'our Mary' and never forgotten. All our love, Nonno and Nonna.

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My Lifesaver Mary, You left a place no one can fill. I miss you and always will. Life goes on, I know that's true. But not the same without you. All my love, Great-grandma. Heartaches in this world are many, but to love and lose you is worse than any.

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The tears in our eyes we can wipe away, but the ache in our hearts will always stay. We love you so much and you are our angel forever. May you memory be Eternal. To Our Dearest Mary, the first musketeer of three No more life with us you share, but in our hearts you are always there. Silent thoughts and tears unseen. Wishing your absence was only a dream. May your memory be Eternal.

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You will be our forever shining star watching over us. Rest in Peace beautiful girl. Forever in our hearts. Dearest Mary, I watch you grow into a beautiful young woman and a part of me died when I took that horrible call. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would lose my eldest niece.

I love and miss you, until we meet again beautiful girl. You are my angel watching over me. Beautiful Mary, You were our ray of sunshine and my special Goddaughter. You lit every room you walked into, freely sharing your love and light. Although your light has now dimmed, you're an angel above now watching over us. May you now rest peacefully. We will meet again. Many famous people have performed here — including Shakespeare — and it was neat to witness the perfect acoustics that make microphones unnecessary. After Nafplio came Spetses — which is remarkable.

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Leaving Spetses was hard, but back in Athens we enjoyed more fun adventures through Kids Love Greece. Our final day in Greece ended on a high note. And while I captured our vacation in pictures, my daughters captured it via video. Here is Greece from a year-old and year-old perspective:. Traveling overseas — especially with a family — is a lot of legwork upfront.

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For a novice like me, the preparation can feel overwhelming. But what I learned from this trip is that traveling is worth the stress and effort. The views and experiences diminish the aches and pains of getting there. Like every family, we had issues and challenges. A lost phone at the airport. Carsick kids who threw up on buses as they wound up mountainous roads. Kids who sometimes sported attitudes and parents who got irritated.

My daughter Sophie needed medical care twice.

https://calorconsulting.es/libraries/simi/donde-puedo-rastrear-un-celular-gratis.php Once for a toe infection, and another after gashing her foot on a rock and needing stitches word to the wise: bring swim shoes to Greece because beaches are rocky and sea urchins are everywhere! Having kids with food allergies in a foreign country was also stressful. I experienced the kindness of locals who eased my anxiety and helped in unexpected ways, like our Naxos host who took me and Harry grocery shopping to read labels and guide us in allergy-safe food choices.

Visiting Greece changed all of us. Family bonding can happen anywhere: at home, on a beach, or in a country far away. Thanks for reading this article today. Kari, I thoroughly enjoyed reading of your trip, and seeing the fantastic photography.

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This had to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You did an incredible job of relaying to the reader the beauty, the excitement and more importantly, the family heritage. She looked fabulous in every picture! Thank you for sharing the Kampakis adventure!!! Thank you, Cindy! Becky is doing great and I agree, she does look fabulous. I am proud of her and I know you are too! Thank you for commenting! Kari,I loves reading of the Kampakis trip to Greece. You are an excellent writer and I felt like I was on the trip with your family. I really enjoy your post so keep up the good work and give Becky and your family my love.

Helen, thank you for reading it! I have heard wonderful things about you from Becky…she absolutely loves you. It will thrill her to know that you dropped by. I will tell her that we connected:. I enjoyed reading about your trip, tips and seeing all the pictures and videos. Super impressed you whipped out a story so quickly!!



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