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Advice to 'bend your knees and keep your back straight' as you lift is flawed, scientists claim

Peaches Well-Known Member. I'd say it depends. I much prefer the look of a "straight" leg, and it's what my teacher insists on, but there are accomplished dancers out there who dance with their knees pretty bent. It seems to be a style thing. For starting out, though, I'd suggest trying for "straight" legs. You knees should always be soft not locked.

Advice to 'bend your knees and keep your back straight' as you lift is flawed, scientists claim

You will, of course, have to bend your standing leg when you take a step--walking doesn't work so well without it. But try to step with a straightened leg. For going backwards, try contracting your butt. Oooh you know, I've noticed that Tango has done more for my muscle tone that those horrible back leg lifts ever did Tango is as good Joanna Hall's lower body work outs.

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The term very bent , to most teachers, is like nails across a chalk aboard,. Flexion, or flexed, implies more of a natural action we,re talking basics.

Too Little Knee Bend – Standing Tall

There are certain moves, that will require much more of a relaxed knee, but theses are the exceptions , that proves the rule. Tanguera New Member. The leg supporting the weight is always sligthly bent: this gives that typical cat-like movement to your walk. The other leg is straight, but the knee must be relaxed.

And welcome to DF! Thanks for all the replies!! Okay, so I think I got the idea Bend only a little, and don't look like your sitting down. What about in ochos I mean, if i don't bend my knees a little during the pivoting, i feel stiff as a board. I know you want to have that affect of sharpness, but I feel like, to the eye, i would like weird.

When you pivot the standing leg is flexed at the knee soft not locked but not bent either , the pivot comes from your torso not from your leg or hip, so if it feels stiff it might be that you are trying to pivot from your knee? So what is the desired result? Because your toes and balls of your feet are not good at exerting and accepting force.

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This is why you can deadlift more than you can calf raise and why only a select few people on this earth can support their own body weight while balancing on their toes. The truth is, in order to capture a lot of energy from the ground and pass it up the kinetic chain, we need to connect to the ground as best we can during the early stages of rotation. Think about how the hand is typically used in a fight. If that hand is open and the striker really wants to exert a lot of force on whatever they are hitting they will use the heel of their hand.

  1. Too Much Knee Bend – Standing Low!
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  3. Bent Knee Push-up.
  4. Unless your name is Bobby Boucher. Although getting poked in the eye really hurts, a palm or heel strike creates much more force. In order to do that, the way that we bend our at our knees and hips is really important.

    Knee Exercises – After Your Joint Replacement Surgery

    This tells us that his weight is on his heels rather than his toes or balls of his feet. Yes, his knees are bent, but his hips are also bent. For most people with genu valgum, exercise can help realign and stabilize their knees.

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    The Most Important 18 Exercises For Your Back

    Your doctor or physical therapist can evaluate your gait and suggest exercises designed to strengthen your leg, hip, and thigh muscles. Specific stretches may also be useful in relieving symptoms. Strengthening exercises can be simple, such as leg raises while seated or lying down. As you progress with an exercise routine, you may add leg weights to make it more effective. If your legs are of unequal length as a result of genu valgum, a heel insert into the shoe on the shorter side can equalize your leg length and help regularize your gait.

    It may also relieve leg pain. For younger people, a small metal plate inserted in their knee can help direct future bone growth. This minor procedure is called guided growth surgery. The plate is removed when bone growth is corrected. Adults may benefit from an osteotomy.

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    6. This surgery uses permanent metal plates to keep bones aligned. This can adjust your leg bones and realign your knees. For older children and adults with genu valgum, a course of physical therapy and exercises can help realign their knees. It can also strengthen surrounding muscles and avoid stress damage to other joints.

      Arm Exercises | Bent Knee Push-up

      In time, untreated knee misalignment can cause pain and problems in functioning. One study found that adults with genu valgum are at greater risk of developing osteoarthritis. Identifying your triggers can take some time and self-reflection. In the meantime, there are things you can try to help calm or quiet your anxiety….

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