Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts)

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Something Powerful

Jackson admitted that he knew that Hayley didn't fully want to marry him, but promised her that he would be a good husband to her, no matter what, which made Hayley smile. Jackson was little disappointed but later he admitted that he appreciates Hayley's honesty and he gave her an engagement ring. In Brotherhood of the Damned , Hayley and Jackson went to find his grandmother, who is Crescent werewolves' elder and who is supposed to do their wedding ritual. Jackson's grandmother told them about parts of the ritual and one part is based on telling the truth - tell about all secrets. Hayley refused because she needs to protect secret of the Original family that her daughter, Hope is still alive.

Later, Jackson persuaded Hayley to do the ritual slowly and if she wouldn't like it, then she can stop it. In Sanctuary , Jackson revealed to Hayley the truth about her parents' death. His grandfather hated Hayley's parents because of their desire to make a peace with Marcel, so he caused their death. Hayley wasn't still ready to tell Jackson her secret about Hope. Klaus appeared and threatened Hayley but Hayley tried to persuade Klaus that he can trust Jackson.

Later, Klaus wanted to kill Jackson, but Hayley fought for his life and Klaus allowed her to let the wedding to happen. In I Love You, Goodbye , Hayley debates on whether or not performing a pre-marital ritual in front of Jackson which forced the future spouses to tell the truth about everything in their lives secrets included, which worried Hayley being Jackson was unaware of Hope's existence , which was also customary for the New Orleans werewolves.

In the end, Klaus permitted Hayley to tell the truth of Hope's existence. Jackson met Hope for the first time and was glad to see her alive. Instead, Jackson sent his subordinate werewolves to seek and to search out Finn Mikaelson 's whereabouts. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes , although they don't interact until the end of this episode, Jackson approaches Hayley with an idea that leaves her questioning her loyalties to the Mikaelsons. Jackson offered to take Hayley, Hope and his pack out of New Orleans and to run away from Klaus, Dahlia , and the rest of the Mikaelsons and their enemies.

In When the Levee Breaks , Hayley does agree to run with Jackson, but due to Dahlia's powerful and magical influence, Hayley finds that her chances of escaping with Jackson and Hope are slim. Hayley decides to enlist the help of Aiden. Elijah is ready to kill Jackson for taking Hope and Hayley about from him and Klaus, but Hayley convinces Elijah to side with her. Elijah, after some persuasion, permits Hayley and Jackson to run away with Hope with Hayley and Jackson's pack. Hayley begs Klaus to stop her, but Klaus gloats as Jackson, Hayley, and the rest of the Crescent pack change into werewolves.

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After sorting out things with Davina, Hayley and Jackson are able to stay in their human forms. While human, they both reunite with Klaus. Jackson attempts to save Hayley from her vicious fight with Klaus about cursing the Crescent Pack, but Freya stops him from trying to save Hayley being Klaus would most definitely kill Jackson. At the end of the episode, Hayley takes back her custody over Hope and Jackson and Hayley move into an apartment across the street from Klaus' home.

However, Hayley invites herself to be Elijah's date to a Strix gala and Elijah tentatively questions how her husband feels about that. Hayley reassures Elijah that Jackson offscreen told her that he was fine with Hayley being Elijah's date to the gala. Hayley and Jackson gladly guard her and even prevent Van Nguyen from casting a secret spell on Davina. Hayley promises him to make it back to their apartment to celebrate Thanksgiving with Hope and Jackson. However, the main leaders of The Strix and the Mikaelsons get into an unexpected confrontation and Hayley misses Thanksgiving with the immediate members of the Kenner Family and Hope too.

~Her Last Words~ GLMV (read the description)

Hayley apologizes to him, but Jackson has had enough of Hayley choosing the Mikaelson family drama over him. Jackson leaves Hayley that night to spend the rest of his Thanksgiving night at The Bayou. This episode marks the first time they separate as a married couple, which hurt Hayley and Jackson's mother. However, Hayley and Mary Dumas are having breakfast together in Hayley's apartment and Hayley hesitantly asks about Jackson to her mother-in-law.

Mary gives her some advice about juggling her complicated Mikaelson family drama with her marriage to Jackson. Hayley graciously acknowledges her advice. In Savior , Hayley finally decides to see Jackson in the Bayou. They converse with each other about their marital issues and they end up resolving their issues. She didn't keep up with her supplies which surprised D. Cold Beer - Leila ordere this in the town of Garucia when she goes into the bar. Sliver Gun - The one wielded by Leila Marcus uses highly pressured oxygen to fire needles one-thousandth of a micron wide.

The gun can leave the walls of a Noble's castle as friable as unglazed pottery. Leila uses this weapon against Benge in the ghost town of Barnabas.


Deals and Pacts

Leila uses this weapon against Meier Link. Leila uses this weapon against Caroline. Javelin - Measuring three meters long, five centimeters around, and weighing five hundred kilograms, Leila uses this weapon against Caroline. Leila's Goggles - Leila Marcus has highly advanced goggles in both the movie and the Novel.

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They have auto zoom, can detect objects and beings from a long distance, image enhancing, and probably Multivision functions. Battle Car with Flares. The same as all atomic powered machines, it uses Uranium Fuel. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Novel Manga Movie Video game. He had to be terminated within the hotel when his struggle brought the interest of a Brujah whelp. The work was completed, nonetheless. It was written using the tradition of the Tzimisce - a contract on skin-parchment, signed in blood, is irretractable. You have guaranteed yourself a high ranking within the Sabbat for turning over this region to us. We would hope that you have prepared an adequate defense, should your loyalty be questioned by the Justicar?

It was he who, under her instruction, allowed your agents into the haven for their work.

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Such treachery, all for the promise of the Embrace, which Michaela refuses him. Everything is working as planned.

Hayley and Jackson

It sounds like Dominic promised to embrace Campbell. I'm shocked that he'd want to be a fucking malkavian, of all things.

Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts) Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts)
Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts) Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts)
Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts) Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts)
Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts) Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts)
Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts) Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts)
Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts) Her Last Words (The Vampire Pacts)

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