Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)

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And then Deen arrived and bowed — I could hardly believe that! I immediately bowed before him and told him that everything I did had been largely inspired by him. He smiled and gave me a big welcome hug. At that point I realized it would be a great evening. The guy was exactly as I had imagined — he has a great heart and is one of those people you can talk to for hours on end and it still never seems enough. We headed for the catering service and I started getting out my CDs and magazines for him to autograph.


He was amazed at the quantity of material I had. Every time I said something like that, he thanked me for my kindness. Can you believe that such an idol exists?

I also showed him a write up in an American Modern Drummer issue where I mention that five of my favorite ten records had been recorded by him. Once again he thanked me and said he had never met anyone who had so much material on him. We spent half an hour commenting the interviews and albums he was autographing. The guy really is out of this world.

In both albums you hear totally different approaches, but with similar sonorities. Talk about genius! I also had the opportunity of presenting him with T shirts, Hangar CDs, my two DVDs, my biography and a picture with photos of all the phases of his life.

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The things he did 20 years ago are amazing. That night went down in history as one of the most moving of my life. I had met the person who had changed the way I played the drums and he had been extremely courteous and had treated me like any fan would have wanted to be treated by their idol.

I said I wanted a pair of drumsticks and wanted to watch the gig from the stage. He readily said that Steve would handle that and invited me to have lunch with them the following day.

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He played and sang fantastically! During lunch the next day Neal Schon stated an undeniable fact: he said that Deen had revolutionized double bass drumming and I totally agreed with him. He also did backing vocals on most of the songs. During lunch the following day he told me several stories about recording with both virtuoso guitarists and Ozzy Osbourne as well as something I will never forget.

That is why he is really grateful to God for being able to do what the loves the most in life which is playing the drums. Thank you, Deen! Besides being my biggest hero, you proved that I always idolized the right person, a real musician.

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I love everything you did and everything you still will do for music. In the video, the band discusses what emotions they felt when drummer Mike Portnoy announced he left the band for Avenged Sevenfold last year. Click on image to zoom it. Brazilian drummer Aquiles Priester is among the most fascinating and talked-about extreme metal musicians on the planet. In he joined Angra, the most popular melodic metal group in Brazil. Beyond his blinding performances on record and on stage, Priester has been very visible in conducting drum clinics at home in Brazil, as well as in Europe and Asia.

Aquiles was featured in the November issue of Modern Drummer. This is his first MD Fest appearance. The event is hosted by Mapex. Vera Figueiredo is going to play as well. Building on the success of previous years, PIE Party boasts an unrivalled diversity of artists — each of whom represents the cream of modern drumming — performing at this exciting event, a dazzling showcase which transcends genre and style. Come and indulge your shared passion for drums and music; leave with an unforgettable beat that resonates long after the show has ended.

To Mapex, Performance Is Everything. Earlier this year Aquiles celebrated his 10th consecutive year of being elected Best Brazilian Heavy Metal Drummer by the readers of Roadie Crew magazine. Claus Hessler. A clinician and educator of global repute, Claus is widely acknowledged to be the legitimate successor to the legendary Jim Chapin. An ardent advocate of open-handed playing and the creative freedom that follows from adopting this approach, Claus authored Open Handed Playing Vol I in collaboration with Dom Famularo foreword by Billy Cobham , with the second volume slated for release in spring His playing is characterized by jaw-dropping ambidexterity, independence, and multi-layered ostinato patterns.

The reigning queen of modern samba, Vera has enchanted and captivated audiences with her command of her native Brazilian rhythmic idioms: her playalong instructional book and double CD package Vera Cruz Island — Brazilian Rhythms For Drumset based on her album Vera Cruz Island, co-written by Daniel Oliveira, and published by Hudson Music is a masterful treatise on applying these to the drumset. Impassioned, infectious grooves delivered with flair are established traits of this artist, evoking beautiful landscapes and the lush rainforests of her homeland.

This talented young winner of Drummer Of Tomorrow is rapidly emerging as a rising star, and is gradually being recognized as being one of the most distinctive voices of the next generation of drumming talent: fresh, dynamic, and full of personality. Hangar in Itumbiara!!! Aquiles Priester was elected for 10 consecutive years the best heavy metal drummer from Brazil and receives tribute at the official site of the cymbals Paiste.

Aquiles Priester has being elected for 10 years in the row as a best heavy metal drummer in the readers poll of Roadie Crew Magazine. Check this out!

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This all comes to prove that Infallible is a dead-on, direct, varied and competent album as defined by both fans and critics. We had a wonderful week and we have it all to YOU! See the layout below:.

Manual Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)

Read the full article at the link below. The event itself was sensational and besides demonstrating new cymbals and a raffle of two Paiste prototypes, Eloy and I did a workshop. Together we played the final solo which lasted almost 9 minutes. We received a standing ovation and also counted with the more than distinguished presence of Thomas Lang with whom we had had lunch the previous day and had also spent the afternoon at his home studio where we had a great time.

He is currently developing a signature sneaker for Thomas. I can state that besides being one of the most awesome drummers in the history of music, Thomas has a great heart and is an excellent person.

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Thank you very much for the great moments we had together, Thomas. The previous week we attended the Namm Show — you can check out some pictures on our site — and we also had the opportunity to do some sightseeing plus two days rehearsing at SIR Rental Studio in LA where the guys from Maroon 5 were also rehearsing. We spent little over a week away from Brazil and had a great time. Check more information below. Some pictures from Namm Show In these events all members participate and talk about their instruments and techniques used by them, plus a pocket show with the band at the end of workshow.

Be sure to drop by booth in Hall D to meet some of todays most popular and in-demand drummers in the music scene. Click on pic to zoom it. With the introduction of several new models, drummers will get the chance to play the newest cymbals on the market. There will be several Paiste artists on hand to discuss the new sounds and demo cymbals. There will have plenty of giveways, door prizes and two prototype cymbals will be raffled off.

Aquiles Priester has become the face of Brazillian rock drumming. With his long a varied career he has taken the world by storm. Playing with several bands, most notably, Hangar and Angra, Aquiles has established his place among the top drummers in the world. Eloy Casagrande was first brought to the attention of American drummers when, at age 14, he performed at the Modern Drummer Festival His ability to fuse the drums of Brazil and the power of rock music in a seamless way left the crowd in disbelief.

Since that time Eloy has spent his time refining his talent playing with Andre Matos, the former singer of Angra. In addition to the performances, Paiste will be holding a raffle for two prototype Paiste cymbals and a NAMM badge for the trade show. There will be several other giveaways on hand as well. The modern music scene is incredibly complex, with drummers, artists, and bands often falling easily into a number of different styles.

Click in pic to zoom it. The workshop will take place on January 19, and drummers will perform together showing Brazilian rhythms, solos and songs from their respective bands.

Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition) Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)
Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition) Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)
Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition) Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)
Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition) Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)
Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition) Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)
Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition) Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)
Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition) Hangar (Casa das Máquinas Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)

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