Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version

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Introduction: A hermeneutical prologue

Share Flipboard Email. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry. Book of Acts The book of Acts provides a detailed, orderly, eyewitness account of the birth and growth of the early church and the spread of the gospel immediately after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Between 62 and 70 A. The preparation of the church for ministry - Acts The witness begins in Jerusalem - Acts The witness spreads beyond Jerusalem - Acts The focus shifts here from Peter's ministry to Paul's.

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Elisabeth worshiper of God reprints the soul in the feminine or love consciousness.

2. The Worship of Two Women (Luke 1:39-56)

Zacharias Jehovah has remembered represents spiritual consciousness. It does in this respect, that when the soul is united with the spiritual consciousness the result of the union is dedication or consecration to God. John was so consecrated from before his birth. Consecration implies a concentration of all the thoughts and energies on the subject. What is the first requirement for answer to prayer? Faith or absence of fear that we shall not be heard. Yes, it gives others confidence and trust in the one who practices it.

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What is one of the chief powers possessed by the soul? The soul has power to magnify whatever enters it. Does the soul in its undisciplined state magnify the good? As a rule the opposite is true. The undisciplined soul naturally magnifies trouble, disaster, and other trains of negative thought and emotion. The Spirit of power and love and discipline is required to insure that only the good will be magnified. What does Mary, the mother of Jesus represent?

Mary represents the soul that magnifies the Lord or the creative principle of the I AM.

Study Guide for Luke 5 by David Guzik

How do we magnify Christ in our bodies? By exalting the Christ in mind, making Him manifest in our thoughts and actions, and thinking of our body as a temple dedicated to Him and occupied by Him, we quicken into action the law that magnifies Him in the body. Through what avenue do we first enter the Christ consciousness?

We enter through faith, which is a faculty of the soul rather than the intellect. Is the good magnified in anticipation? Anticipation is one of the easiest of all methods of magnifying the good.

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To expect good to come to us and to enlarge upon that expectation as we meditate and pray, is to become increasingly conscious of the good. More than anything else, what cause us to magnify evil? The unreasoning emotion fear causes us to magnify evil. It does this by taking possession of us when we are off our guard, and by increasing in our mind the expectation of evil.

Do we ourselves open the paths by which good or evil come to us? By imagining in our heart either good or ill fortune, we make it possible for good or evil to reach us. Name some other ways in which God is magnified? The soul magnifies God through anticipating health instead of disease; claiming wisdom and understanding instead of admitting ignorance; remaining poised and joyous under all circumstances; realizing the blessings of spiritual understanding, and acknowledging all that comes to it as good either actually or potentially.

In what way does the soul receive and express impressions from Divine Mind? The soul receives and expresses impressions from Divine Mind as divine ideas, which when fully manifest become Truth incarnate. In this lesson what represents the soul? Mary, the mother of Jesus. A great soul gives forth great thoughts and ideas, and those in turn elevate the consciousness of the entire race.

What faculty endows the soul of man with magnifying power?

The creative faculty of imagination. We habitually exercise this faculty either consciously or unconsciously. Imagination makes the soul the fertile side of our nature, out of which spring the issues of life. Does the soul magnify both good and evil impartially?

The Gospels record 37 of his miracles

It magnifies whatever is held in the conscious mind. In sense consciousness the soul magnifies trouble, disaster, and other negative thoughts, taking the good as a matter of course and leaving it to pass unacknowledged. In higher levels of consciousness the soul magnifies the good. What is magnified by the one in spiritual consciousness? My soul doth magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. How can we magnify Christ in our body? By exalting Him first in mind and expressing Him in both our thoughts and actions, not only when conditions are favorable but also with equal faithfulness when they are adverse.

Then in the future Tribulation the millennial kingdom will again be near. In , 11 the seventy were told to preach that the kingdom of God had drawn near. But in the disciples thought the kingdom was close at hand, but it was no longer near. This contrasts with , In other words, in order to derive its true meaning, Luke —21 must also be studied alongside Luke —27 and Luke Third , when we look at the larger context of Luke —21 found in Luke —37, it becomes apparent that Christ was speaking primarily of a future, rather than a present, manifestation of the kingdom.

By the time Christ uttered the words found in Luke —21, it is apparent that first-century Israel was not going to accept the offer of the kingdom since the nation was in the process of rejecting her king. But first He must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.

The future establishment of the kingdom will be an instantaneous event rather than a prolonged, gradual process Dan. Thus, unbelievers will be caught off guard by these events as they are then ushered into immediate judgment Luke — First , because the Pharisees asked the initial question in the present tense, it stands to reason that Christ would also answer their question in the present tense. Craven well explains this congruity:.

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In the E. The question and the answer are but illustrations of that law proper to all languages, but pre-eminently to the Greek. Second , biblical language often describes future events with the present tense in order to indicate their ultimate certainty. Because God is infinite and therefore not bound by time the way finite man is Ps. In other words, His infinitude allows Him to express future events as though they were present realties because He sees them as such.

Notice that our future glorification is depicted in the same past tense as our past predestination, calling, and justification. After all, He is not bound by time and therefore sees this future as though it were a present reality. For this same reason, God promised Joshua victory over Jericho before any battle had actually been fought Josh. In the same way, in Luke , Christ uses the present tense to describe the kingdom, not to depict its present, spiritual arrival but rather to articulate its futuristic certainty.

Craven explains:. To the conclusion that the language of our Lord must be understood as having reference to the future, it may also be remarked, we are shut up by the following considerations: The supposition. In this connection may be considered that class of passages which are regarded as teaching the doctrine of a present Basileia from their use of present verb when mentioning it.

Reference is not now had to those in which there is taught in the context that apparently requires the hypothesis of a present kingdom—each of these receives an independent consideration.

These passages are: all those parables which thus refer to the Basileia, Matt. These, it is admitted, are all consistent with the hypothesis of a present kingdom; but, under the rule set forth under the preceding head, they are all grammatically consistent with that of a certain future establishment. In sum, to the kingdom now use of Luke —21, three responses can be given. Second , the offer of the kingdom framework is sufficient for interpreting these verses as the kingdom through the king was present at that moment, thereby giving first-century Israel a unique and unprecedented opportunity to receive both.

Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version
Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version
Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version
Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version
Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version Gospel of Luke, New Metaphysical Version

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