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How do I cancel the program? You can cancel at anytime with a click of a button inside your membership account.

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You can cancel quicker than you can say, "I love green smoothies. Is this program vegetarian? Mention that the vegan plan is available too. What dietary inclusions are there? The program has been designed to be gluten-free, highly nutritious, with a great balance of alkalizing greens, proteins and healthy fats.

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The primary program has been designed as dairy free, but we always provide a dairy option for those that do well on dairy. Which foods and drinks should I be avoiding? To get the most out of this program we recommended sticking to the meal plan diligently, avoiding consuming any additional dairy, processed grains, refined sugars, alcohol, black tea and coffee. The 21 Day Gluten Free Program meal plan is designed to keep your hunger pangs at bay and satiated throughout the 21 day period. If you feel peckish we recommend avoiding snacking on fruit and opting for a small handful of activated nuts, carrots or any leftovers from the meals prepared.

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  • You will need a blender for the program. A juicer is optional.

    We have done our best to keep costs down and have not chosen expensive ingredients for the shopping list. We also encourage you to buy in bulk and use the weekend as your main shopping day, ideally at your local farmers' market where you can find the freshest and most nutritious produce. Haven't Purchased The Summit? Click here to get it now.

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    Easy Vegan Meal Prep (Healthy + Gluten Free)

    Are you ready to reverse symptoms like fatigue, stubborn weight, thinning hair, low libido, irregular periods, gas, bloating and brain fog? Looking to take charge of your health but don't know where to start? Prepare quick and easy meals that will nourish your whole body Fill your pantry and kitchen with healthy ingredients while on a budget Make delicious green smoothies that you will fall in love with Use powerful strategies to look after yourself and your whole family Quiet your mind and set up a regular practice to help manage stress Make a Health Vision Board Create healthy habits you can call upon for a lifetime And most importantly, know that Food Matters and FMTV will always have your back on every step of your health journey.

    Transformation Results for Ylonka B. During the 21 Day Gluten Free Program. Want to start eating healthier but don't know where to start Are feeling stressed out and fatigued Are suffering from allergies and food sensitivities Are constantly battling blood sugar issues or are pre-diabetic Have recently have been diagnosed with an illness or condition and need to address your diet and lifestyle Feel overwhelmed at just the thought of trying to live a healthier lifestyle - it all seems so difficult, expensive and time consuming!

    Your digestive system is giving you grief and is particularly bad when you're under a lot of stress Have just recovered from a chronic illness and want to prevent this illness from returning in your body Are feeling burned out, stressed and feel like you can't keep it together. Unlock access to exclusive members' specials for top quality products to support your transformation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions Can I just do 7 or 14 days? This is a book that contains 30 days of easy gluten free meal plans and recipes using foods you can find at regular stores for the most part including foods that you have actually heard of. None of the recipes have a ton of ingredients and all of them are pretty quick to prepare.

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    15 healthful gluten-free meals to try

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    Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial
    Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial
    Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial
    Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial
    Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial
    Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial
    Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial

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