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1) New Moon

And these phases reflect the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. They are technically called soli-lunar phases. The entire lunar phase cycle is about It begins when the Sun and Moon come together new moon , peaks when they oppose each other full moon and ends just before they come back together again waning crescent or dying moon.

The new moon is the beginning of the waxing phase and of the entire lunar cycle. A new moon is when the Moon and Sun come back together in the sky after completing their previous cycle. The Moon is dark, being infused with the light of the Sun, but not visible.

Full Moon Magick

This is the most potent time to initiate new ideas, projects, and all kinds of new beginnings. This is the time to set intentions based on your deepest desires, release fear, lean into faith, and trust your inner vision. Work with labradorite, black moonstone, iolite, tektite, obsidian, and clear quartz.

Click here for more new moon tools.

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In her waxing crescent phase, the Moon grows brighter, one step closer to fullness. What was initiated in the new phase is starting to take shape and we can see it. This phase reflects a commitment to intentions.

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Time, effort, and determination are required to establish roots and build a strong foundation. Work with nuumite, rainbow moonstone, and emerald. Click here for more waxing crescent tools. When the Moon is in her first quarter phase, she is half full.

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She is bright, but we only see part of her. This halfway mark in the sky reflects the process of actualizing intentions and letting plans unfold. This part of the cycle demands your full-hearted effort. The new visions you set forth at the new moon reach the height of creative momentum.

Timing Spells By The Moon

Click here for more first quarter tools. The Moon is now almost full and the growing intensity is powerful.

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This is the last chance to make changes before the final result is revealed. Waxing gibbous phase can be stressful, like getting ready to unveil a work of art. Work with fluorite, carnelian, and citrine. Click here for more waxing gibbous tools. Full phase is a metaphor for fulfillment and completion. This is the phase of manifestation! When the Moon is new, we set intentions. When she is full, we birth our creations into the world.

This is the culmination of results from the entire waxing cycle. Work with moonstone, selenite, and quartz.

Click here for more full moon tools. The waning phase began with the full moon and now the Moon is visibly receding. How are your manifestations helping others and serving a purpose? In addition, all the creative effort from the waxing phase left some cleaning up to do.

Express gratitude to your elders and ancestors and ask for their guidance as you gather tools to begin the descent of the entire moon cycle. Click here for more waning gibbous tools. Last quarter phase is the waning half moon. It can feel like a crisis because the end is drawing near.

Soon, the dying moon will take over, symbolically disintegrating our illusions of reality as we surrender to be reborn. Last quarter moon reflects those moments when you finally see the bigger picture. Click here for more last quarter tools. In this phase, the Veil grows thin, making it easier to receive messages and signs. By leaning into faith and honoring the darkness within and without, you discover the greater truths of existence.


Moon Magic: The Impact of the Lunar Cycle on Magical Activities - Centre of Excellence

This phase compels you to sacrifice for future generations, including your own rebirth. Leave the best of yourself through service, love, and compassion. Work with black tourmaline, petalite, and obsidian. Click here for more waning crescent tools. The full moon always occurs when the Moon is opposing the Sun on the far side of the Earth. The new moon happens when the Moon is closest to the Sun.

When they do precisely line up, we experience the phenomena known as solar and lunar eclipses. This is why a solar eclipse can only happen during a new moon, and a lunar eclipse only at a full moon. The currents that run through our nervous systems are sensitive, and pick up these influences. Solar eclipses, associated with the daylight, have more of an external effect. Lunar eclipses bring up emotional and internal issues. We generally think of astrology in terms of the Sun, like your sun sign. As the Moon grows, we work magic for increase; as it wanes, we work magic for decrease.

At the New Moon, we set new intentions for the next round of manifestation, and on and on it goes.

Full Moon Release Spell Magick~ The White Witch Parlour

The rhythm of this cycle can be visualized as the rhythm of the tides, which the Moon, of course, is causing. New Moon : This is the very beginning of the lunar cycle, and a good time for dreaming of what you wish to create in your life. Traditionally, magic aimed at initiating new projects and ventures is favored at this time, but anything involving attracting or increasing what you desire is appropriate. The energy here is one of action and projecting our intentions outward into the Universe.

Magical work may be related to gaining or strengthening partnerships with others whether they be friends, romantic interests, or business associates and improving physical health and general well-being. Full Moon : This is the most powerful phase of the entire lunar cycle. Many Witches find that the day of the Full Moon is the most magically potent day of the month, and may save spellwork related to particularly important goals for this occasion. Any and all magical purposes are favored during a Full Moon ritual.

Waning Moon : This is the time to release the energy of outward action, and align with the energy of inward reflection. Eliminating negative energies and experiences is the predominant magical goal now, so spellwork aimed at overcoming obstacles, resolving conflicts, and removing causes of illness is appropriate. Dark Moon : In the days just before the New Moon, many Witches refrain from actively working magic, choosing instead to refresh their energy for the next waxing phase.

Moon Phases

However, many others find the Dark Moon to be the best time for magic related to closure, or bringing things full circle. There is a destructive potential to the energy now that can be harnessed for releasing any karmic patterns that crop up again and again in your life, such as those related to lack, abandonment, betrayal, etc. If this includes you, consider adopting a practice of connecting with the Moon each day, whether through a formal ritual or just a brief, silent greeting.

Find out where the Moon is in its cycle and acknowledge this as part of your daily practice—you can find out the Full Moon schedule online. This will help you attune to the subtle differences in lunar energy from phase to phase.

Full Moon Magick Full Moon Magick
Full Moon Magick Full Moon Magick
Full Moon Magick Full Moon Magick
Full Moon Magick Full Moon Magick
Full Moon Magick Full Moon Magick
Full Moon Magick Full Moon Magick

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