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A friend that lives a few doors down from me called and invited me for coffee with some other ladies in our neighborhood! I had been working full-time previously and had never even met my neighbors! Crutches in tow,, I went! In a few short minutes, I came to find out that all of these ladies shared my faith and loved Jesus! Their responses were each filled with hope, encouragement and pointed me to scriptures on these very things! In the meantime, my precious, faithful and supportive sister invited me to a morning Bible study at our church. Reluctantly I agreed.

Wheni got there I reconnected with an old acquaintance, long story short, who has become a best friend, mentor and encourager! The Bible study met me right where I was in my struggles! The problem was me. That had been the missing puzzle piece! What a freeing experience!

Our income took a huge hit, my health insurance is still with my old company but we have to pay Cobra, which is outrageously expensive. So what I thought the point and purpose looks and feels nothing like I envisioned. Praise the Lord! Name required. Mail will not be published required. Timeline Photos I have been thinking about and carefully planning every step of this mission for over a year.

I have gathered the required… buff. I have gathered the required Father, thank You for reminding me that what I have is temporary but that who I am is eternal. Give me a heart that loves to give.

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I pray that others would see You in the way I give myself away in service and that I would never count on earthly possessions for the peace and contentment only You can give. Angela says:. February 26, at am.

In commodity markets, spot gold firmed 0.28 per cent to $1,324.70 per ounce.

Melissa Spoelstra says:. February 26, at pm. Kathy M says:. Mary Southerland says:. February 27, at pm.

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Diana says:. Jane Lowery says:. Rebecca Jones says:. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Follow us on Facebook! GirlfriendsInGod 7 hours ago.

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GirlfriendsInGod 11 hours ago. GirlfriendsInGod 17 hours ago. We need to haunt the halls of history and listen anew to the ancestors' wisdom. We must ask questions and find answers that will help us to avoid falling into the merciless maw of history. How were our forefathers able to support their weakest when they themselves were at their weakest? How were they able to surround the errant leader and prevent him from being co-opted by forces that would destroy him and them? How were they, lonely, bought separately, sold apart, able to conceive of the deep, ponderous wisdom found in "Walk together, children.

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The black youngsters of today must ask black leaders: If you can't make an effort to reach, reconstruct and save a black man who has been to and graduated from Yale, how can you reach down here in this drug-filled, hate-filled cesspool where I live and save me? I am supporting Clarence Thomas's nomination, and I am neither naive enough nor hopeful enough to imagine that in publicly supporting him I will give the younger generation a pretty picture of unity, but rather I can show them that I and they come from a people who had the courage to be when being was dangerous, who had the courage to dare when daring was dangerous -- and most important, had the courage to hope.

Because Clarence Thomas has been poor, has been nearly suffocated by the acrid odor of racial discrimination, is intelligent, well trained, black and young enough to be won over again, I support him.

The prophet in "Lamentations" cried, "Although he put his mouth in the dust. On her request, a friend continues her blog with a supportive team. After the birth of our two beautiful children, in an often fragile marriage, my chronic fatigue increased — as did my anger for several years. Occasionally I drove too fast, not caring for fleeting brief periods. I thank God , my wonderful friends and health professionals I called on — especially when I felt overwhelmed and unable to go on.

Finally, a caring herbalist diagnosed a hormonal imbalance. My anger calmed with supplements and teas, despite our failing marriage and my deteriorating health. Now, 10 years later, anger rarely flares in my life. Are you like so many of us who deal with one or more of these?

If We Dare to Hope

Your problems may seem never-ending, but there are solutions. An answer could be closer than you imagine. Find a helpline you can contact on Befrienders Worldwide.

Make a safety plan and stay well. In Australia if you, or anyone you know, is suffering from depression call :. Sadly some reach a hopeless place and choose not to go on.

Dare to Hope Dare to Hope
Dare to Hope Dare to Hope
Dare to Hope Dare to Hope
Dare to Hope Dare to Hope
Dare to Hope Dare to Hope

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