Accounting for Lust

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Accounting and Finance MSc

When thinking about whether a discount is worth having think about what else you would do with the money. That way it makes the decision more real. Think about the things you consider to be cheap and expensive. Are there things you buy out of habit that are a similar price? Could you spend slightly differently to get more of what you really enjoy? About us.

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Squanderlust is a podcast about the emotional side of money. He discovered his love for his photography in his late teens and developed it into what it is today. His main go-to camera is the Canon 6D because of its powerful capabilities. Here are some places you can jump to next:.

The 7 deadly Sins of Accounting. CIMA Lecture

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Accounting for Lust
Accounting for Lust
Accounting for Lust
Accounting for Lust
Accounting for Lust

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