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Do We ALL Have Soul Mates?

You Don’t Have a Soulmate…Sorry

And nothing matters more than her. Is it the person you spend your life with?

Is it the person who ends up being your forever? Or is it possible to find soulmates within average people we come across? People who change our lives just by being in it.

1. You just know it.

Maybe that is a partner. Or sibling. I think they can be found anywhere. These people who somehow complete us and make our lives and hearts a little more whole. The people who not only take the time to understand us but the people who are us in a way.

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It just stays there. But also the people who challenge us and push us to be more. The people who make us laugh the loudest. Before you were born, your souls agreed to work and play together in service to a higher spiritual intention. Let me introduce you: The true you is a unique flavor of infinite love expressed in human form.

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Your soulmate will be attracted to your authentic soul signal a specific vibe that originates from your heart and soul and is unique to you. The emotions you have not wanted to acknowledge, feel, and express have been accumulating throughout your life. You may have picked up fear , guilt, or sadness from other people and you may be carrying it with you. The Law of Attraction states like energy attracts like energy. This could explain some of the angry, sad, or fearful people you keep running into. Your subconscious mind was created in the first seven years of your life.

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Early childhood development experts have proven that our brains are in a hypnotic state during this period. We download everything in the environment without filters—including the beliefs, attitudes, habits, and behaviors of our family. The true you is nowhere to be found in your subconscious. Not you, not there. Your relationship program is a collection of subconscious beliefs that you absorbed in childhood about men, women, love, power, integrity, and whom you can trust.

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It includes your automatic defense strategies to avoid getting hurt. It attracts the same childhood relationship issues over and over, disguised by different faces. To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.

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A Soulmate A Soulmate
A Soulmate A Soulmate
A Soulmate A Soulmate
A Soulmate A Soulmate
A Soulmate A Soulmate

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