A Manual of Thoracic Surgery

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Filming with a head-mounted recording camera is not recommended. Audio To improve the understanding of the procedure described, short and clear commentaries can be incorporated into the video file. Commentaries should supplement the complete description given in the legend of the video.

Format Videos can be submitted in any standard format: wmv, avi, mpeg, mov, etc. Videos must be of high quality and must have a minimum size of x pixels preferably higher as all videos will be converted to MP4 to EJCTS specifications. The aspect ratio can be: or Permission to reproduce copyright material, for print and online publication in perpetuity, must be cleared and if necessary paid for by the author; this includes applications and payments to DACS, ARS and similar licensing agencies where appropriate. Evidence in writing that such permissions have been secured from the rights-holder must be made available to the editors.

It is also the author's responsibility to include acknowledgements as stipulated by the particular institutions. Please note that obtaining copyright permission could take some time. Should you require copies of this then please contact the editorial office of the journal in question or the Oxford Journals Rights department on journals.

For a copyright prose work, it is recommended that permission is obtained for the use of extracts longer than words; a series of extracts totalling more than words, of which any one extract is more than words; or an extract or series of extracts comprising one-quarter of the work or more. For permission to reuse, please contact the rights holder.

Supporting material that is not essential for inclusion in the full text of the manuscript, but would nevertheless benefit the reader, can be made available by the publisher as online-only content, linked to the online manuscript. The material should not be essential to understanding the conclusions of the paper, but should contain data that is additional or complementary and directly relevant to the article content. All supplementary text and figures must be provided in suitable electronic formats.

All material to be considered as supplementary data must be submitted at the same time as the main manuscript for peer review.


It cannot be altered or replaced after the paper has been accepted for publication, and will not be edited. Indicate clearly all material intended as supplementary data upon submission and name the files e.

Professor Marko Turina talks about the Multimedia Manual of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Also ensure that the supplementary data is referred to in the main manuscript where necessary, for example as ' see Supplementary data ' or ' see Supplementary Figure S1 '. It is recommended that authors spell-check all supplementary files before submission as no editing will be done. Funding statement Details of all funding sources for the work in question should be given in a separate section entitled 'Funding'.

Pocket Manual of General Thoracic Surgery | Amin Madani | Springer

This should appear before the 'Acknowledgements' section. The following rules should be followed:. In order to meet your funding requirements authors are required to name their funding sources, or state if there are none, during the submission process. Conflict of interest statement Declarations of conflicts of interest must be included in the manuscript. Place them at the end of the text before the references, and include the section even if none are declared, using the following format: Conflict of interest: none declared.

Further guidance on conflicts of interest is available on the Journal Policies page. Upon receipt of accepted manuscripts at Oxford Journals authors will be required to complete an online copyright licence to publish form. You agree to notify OUP immediately if your details change. If your article is accepted for publication OUP will contact you using the email address you have used in the registration process. Please note that OUP does not retain copies of rejected articles. Work submitted for publication must be original, previously unpublished, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

For more information on how to obtain permissions, please consult Rights and Permissions. Open Access EJCTS authors have the option to publish their paper under the Oxford Open initiative; whereby, for a charge, their paper will be made freely available online immediately upon publication. After your manuscript is accepted the corresponding author will be required to accept a mandatory licence to publish agreement.

As part of the licensing process you will be asked to indicate whether or not you wish to pay for open access. If you do not select the open access option, your paper will be published with standard subscription-based access and you will not be charged. Oxford Open articles are published under Creative Commons licences.

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Authors publishing in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery can use the following Creative Commons licence for their articles:. For orders from the rest of the world, OUP will assume that the service is provided for business purposes. Please provide a VAT number for yourself or your institution, and ensure you account for your own local VAT correctly. Authors are sent a link to their page proofs by email, here they may download the proof, make corrections, answer any queries and then upload the annotated PDF.

Corrections should be returned within 3 working days further details are supplied with the proof. It is the author's responsibility to check proofs thoroughly. Advance Access articles are published online soon after they have been accepted for publication, in advance of their appearance in a printed journal.

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When an article appears in an issue, it is removed from the Advance Access page. Articles posted for Advance Access have been copyedited and typeset and any corrections included. This is before they are paginated for inclusion in a specific issue of the journal. Once an article appears in an issue, the article is accessible from the issue page or the article page. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Introducing the NEW Multimedia Manual of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Cover letter All new manuscripts should be accompanied by a cover letter to be filled in online , including the following statements: The manuscript has not previously been published in print or electronic form and is not under consideration by any other publication see Eur J Cardiothorac Surg All authors have contributed significantly to the content of the article - see authorship criteria recommended by ICJME.

Subject to acceptance, authors will sign an exclusive licence to publish. There is no ethical problem or conflict of interest see below. For publication ethics, experimental ethics etc. Revised manuscripts When submitting revised manuscripts, label the files accordingly 2nd version, 3rd version, etc. Authorship All authors must confirm their affiliation and contribution to an article by responding to the verification email that is sent to them from the system.

Return to top of page. The relevant checklist should be duly filled in and uploaded as "Supplemental files".

Data sharing statements for clinical trials This journal will require the following as conditions of consideration for publication of a clinical trial report: As of 1 July manuscripts submitted to ICMJE journals that report the results of clinical trials must contain a data sharing statement. Full details can be found in Taichman et al Ann Intern Med. The data sharing statement should be mentioned in the text and uploaded as a Supplemental file.

follow Clinical trials that begin enrolling participants on or after 1 January must include a data sharing plan in the trial's registration. If the data sharing plan changes after registration this should be reflected in the statement submitted and published with the manuscript, and updated in the registry record. Example of a visual abstract left and a central image right. Authors of Original Articles and Review Articles are requested to provide the following: 1.

Visual abstract left This should comprise the below 3 elements: Key question characters including spaces Key findings characters including spaces Take-home message characters including spaces This information must be included in the mandatory text field of the manuscript metadata upon submission and also on page 2 after the title page of the manuscript. Central image right This should be a single, high-quality image that summarizes the main findings of the article in a brief and concise manner i.

Specifications for the central image: Resolution: minimum dots per inch Dimension: 8.

The manuscript should be organized as follows: Title page Title Should be brief and descriptive characters - no abbreviations are allowed, even if well known. Authors List all authors by full first name, initial of or full middle name and family name. Qualifications are not required. Ensure the author names correspond in spelling and order of appearance with the metadata of the system.

A Manual of Thoracic Surgery A Manual of Thoracic Surgery
A Manual of Thoracic Surgery A Manual of Thoracic Surgery
A Manual of Thoracic Surgery A Manual of Thoracic Surgery
A Manual of Thoracic Surgery A Manual of Thoracic Surgery
A Manual of Thoracic Surgery A Manual of Thoracic Surgery
A Manual of Thoracic Surgery A Manual of Thoracic Surgery
A Manual of Thoracic Surgery A Manual of Thoracic Surgery

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